UNTAPPED Waffle All Natural Organic Athletic Fuel

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UnTapped Waffles are a convenient, low glycemic, on the go ride snack that contains calcium, riboflavin, manganese, zinc, potassium and other electrolytes to prevent cramping, and is sweetened exclusively with organic maple syrup and maple sugar.
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  • LOW GLYCEMIC: Containing all natural carbohydrates, maple syrup provides prolonged, sustained energy rather than offering a quick burst and subsequent crash.
  • CONVENIENT: UnTappeds single-serving wrapper for easy packing, making it the ideal snack for those constantly on the go.
  • HELPS PREVENT CRAMPING: Contains calcium, riboflavin, manganese, zinc, potassium and other electrolytes. These inherent components of maple syrup promote energy production, muscle recovery.
  • INSPIRED BY DUTCH STROOPWAFEL: Sweetened exclusively with maple syrup and maple sugar, and using real ingredients to develop tastes that we all know and love.


  • Calories: Each individual waffle is between 140 and 150 calories depending on the flavor you choose
  • Size: Each individual waffle is 1.1oz
  • UnTapped Waffles are USDA Organic and Vegan
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