Park Tool PK-5 Professional Tool Kit

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The Park Tool PK-5 Tool Kit includes 91 of our best shop tools. A great way to outfit a pro bench or to set up a home-based dream workshop. A professional set of bicycle tools that will help you perform bicycle maintenance and repairs.

Park Tool PK-5 Professional Tool Kit

Set Up Your Professional Bench or Dream Workshop

An investment you’ll use for decades

Tools Included in The PK-5

AWS-1     3-Way Hex Wrench – 4mm/5mm/6mm
AWS-3     3-Way Hex Wrench – 2mm/2.5mm/3mm
BBT-10.2 Adjusting Cap Tool – Shimano® Hollowtech II
BBT-22    Bottom Bracket Tool – 20-Spline
BBT-69.2 Bottom Bracket Tool – 16-Notch 44mm OD
BO-2       Bottle Opener
CBW-1     Metric Wrench – 8mm/10mm
CBW-4     Metric Wrench – 9mm/11mm
CC-4        Chain Checker — Instructions
CN-10      Professional Cable and Housing Cutter
CNW-2     Chainring Nut Wrench
CP-1.2     Cassette Pliers
CT-3.3     Chain Tool
CWP-7     Compact Universal Crank Puller
DAG-2.2  Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge 
DH-1       Dummy Hub 
DP-2       Threaded Dummy Pedal
DSD-2     Derailleur Screwdriver
DSD-4     Derailleur Screwdriver
DT-2        Rotor Truing Fork
FR-5.2H   Cassette Lockring Tool with Handle
HMR-8     8 oz. Shop Hammer
HXS-1.2   9 Piece L-Shaped Hex Wrench Set
MLP-1.2   Master Link Pliers
NP-6        Needle Nose Pliers
PAW-6     6-Inch Adjustable Wrench
PH-1.2     8 piece P-Handle Hex Wrench Set
PW-4       Professional Pedal Wrench
RR-12      Tape Measure
SBC-1      Spoke, Bearing, and Cotter Gauge
SBS-1.2   Socket and Bit Set
SCW-13   13mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-14   14mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-15   15mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-16   16mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-17   17mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-18   18mm Shop Cone Wrench
SCW-19   19mm Shop Cone Wrench
SP-7        Side Cutter Pliers
SW-0       Spoke Wrench 
SW-2       Spoke Wrench 
SWR-8     3/8" Drive Ratchet Handle
SZR-1      Scissors
TL-1.2      3-Tire Levers
TL-4.2      2-Tire Levers
TL-6.2      2-Steel Core Tire Levers
TWS-1     8 Piece Torx® Wrench Set
UP-SET    3 piece Pick Set 
VC-1        Valve Core Tool
ZP-5        Flush Cut Pliers

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