MINOURA Foldable Bicycle Wheel Dishing Tool Centering Gauge FCG-310

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Neat, compact foldable tool for ensuring wheel symmetry and correct dish after truing. Compatible with road and mountain bike wheels.
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  • FCG-310 can fit small wheels up to 18" and wide hubs up to 140 mm
  • A tool for checking the symmetry of bicycle wheels
  • Foldable design for compact storage


  • FCG-310 is a measuring gauge for bicycle wheels only. Do not use it for any other purpose other than instructed.
  • FCG-310 is a precision tool so please handle with care. Do not hit or bend the frame or gauge plate.
  • Please note the stainless gauge plate cannot be replaced.

For a wheel to perform properly, it is important for the rim to be centered between the locknuts of the hub, or "dished". To check this, and to make precision adjustments, a wheel alignment gauge (also called a "dishing tool") is a must. An accurate and versatile wheel alignment gauge belongs alongside every truing stand.

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