Ergon GE1 Evo Lock-On Enduro MTB Grips

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Article code 2005-9047
The GE1 is developed around the demands of gravity and enduro riding. These 2 styles of mountain biking have riders gripping the bars very wide while the elbows are kept bent. The grip itself is able to prevent issues of arm pump in the arms and hands.
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  • Design to be used on the wide handlebars found on most gravity/downhill MTBs.
  • Two rubber compounds for a tuned feel.
  • Textured zones orientated against the direction of rotation of the hand.
  • Lightweight high quality inboard aluminum clamp.
  • Built-in handlebar plug.
  • Maximum hand grip is assured with use of silicone-based rubber compounds, a texture orientation which is opposite the rotation of the hand, and a damping inner core construction.
  • The grip surface is rider-oriented and automatically ensures the correct angular position of the forearms and elbows.
  • The grip surface is aligned at 8° to the handlebar axis and against the backsweep. This position allows you as the rider to “automatically” take the correct position of the elbows


  • Model: GE1 Evo
  • Use: MTB, Endure, Gravity/Downhill, All-Mountain
  • Clamp: Cold Forged Aluminum / CNC Machined
  • Right and Left specific grips, which are also Top and Bottom specific.
  • 135mm length
  • 32mm average diameter
  • 119 grams for the set
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