Wheels Manufacturing PRESS-7 Universal Bottom Bracket Press

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Do-it-all Universal Bottom Bracket Press. Economical and easy to use.
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BB Press Includes

  • 2 - Machined red anodized aluminum handles
  • 1 - Zinc-plated 1/2" diameter threaded rod
  • 2 - Red anodized drifts, steps are marked with diameter size

Designed to press in most current bottom brackets!

A do-it-all Universal Bottom Bracket Press. Economical and easy to use, this tool is made up of two machined aluminum handles,
1/2" threaded rod and two machined aluminum drifts. Each drift is machined with multiple steps to fit common bottom bracket shell and bearing diameters.

No more searching for the correct size drifts and parts. Just match up the drift to your frame's BB shell size and your bottom bracket's bearing size and press.
1/2" diameter threaded rod will not bending, allowing for the cups to align and press in straight.

Drifts can also can be used as a frame bottom bracket shell sizing guide.

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