Vittoria Corsa G2.0 Tire Folding Clincher 320tpi

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Vittoria's top-of-the-line tubed road tire, Hand made cotton casing for superior handling and low rolling resistance. Offered in all black or black/tan. Sizes/ weights: 700x23 = 250g, 700x25 = 260g, 700x28 = 275g, 700x32 = 298g
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Take your performances to the next level with Corsa!

Corsa is Vittoria's top-of-the-line tubed road tire and it's been the race-day choice of cyclists for years. what makes the Corsa great is the cotton casing and the graphene-enhanced compound, Vittoria's best technologies for road tires. The supple cotton casing allows maximum tire contact with the road for unmatched grip in the corners. The graphene compound reduces rolling resistance, gripes the road better and extending the tire's life.

Weights  (on our scale)

700x23 = 250g

700x25 = 260g

700x28 = 275g

700x32 = 298g

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